Thank you to the 253 riders who joined us for the absolutely beautiful day! Your support of our organization is invaluable. We will strive to continue to provide you with the best experience and we're looking forward to seeing you for Pedal the Lakes 2020!

Check out the video below of the 2018 Pedal the Lakes, submitted by Tracy Ringer of NT Concepts for the Super Service Challenge which garnered donations for MCTA!


The Mercer County Trails Association, Inc. was formed with the primary purpose of developing and maintaining multipurpose trails in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, for public use, exclusively for charitable purposes.

Our goals are to:

  • Promote health and fitness by providing a safe and pleasant setting for many recreational activities including biking, jogging, walking, cross-country skiing, in-line skating, and wheelchairs.
  • Encourage tourism and contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.
  • Help protect our environment and natural resources by making transportation links in our area that are not dependent on the automobile.

The Trout Island Trail Project

This recreational trail will run from Sharpsville to Orangeville along the abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad and Erie Railroad lines. It will be an 8′ wide blacktop surface and will cross two railroad trestles over the Shenango Reservoir. The project will be completed in phases as funding becomes available. A possible future section could also link to Transfer and Greenville.


Created by the Sharpsville Historical Society, some of the sites included are accessed from the Trout Island Trail

The Shenango River Trail Project

The Shenango Trail will run from Greenville on the west side of the Shenango River and follow the abandoned Erie and Pittsburgh Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad north to Jamestown and the Pymatuning State Park area. The trail will be built to the same standards as the Trout Island Trail. Eventually the trail may extend southward on the former railroad grade to connect with the Trout Island Trail, thus linking two of Mercer County’s major recreation areas – Pymatuning and Shenango Lakes.